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  • shop.Online retail volume in rural a
  • reas topped 1.24 trillion yuan in
  • 2017, up 39.1 percent year o

n▓ year, according to the Ministry of Com▓merce.Over 9.8 million online shops we

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re based in villages by the end

of 201▓7, up 20

aolian.Villagers can also learn about local affairs, watch TV programs, use shared bikes, and shop online via a "sma▓rt village" platform set up in

.7 percent year

2015.Besides bridging the rural-urban gap in terms of living standards, digital technology has also helped encourage migrant workers to return to

on year, creating

villages, which have seen large numbers of farmers leave to find work in cities over past years.Zeng Wei, 32, moved to Longtan Village, Fujian fr

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